What Are Cookies

As is comm­on practice with almost all professi­onal websites this site also uses cookies, which are tiny files that are down­loa­ded to your compu­ter, to improve your experience. This page descri­bes what informati­on they gat­her, how we use it and why we someti­mes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stor­ed however this may downgra­de or ‘break’ certain elements of the sites functi­ona­lity.

For more gener­al informati­on on cookies see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of rea­sons detai­led below. Unfortuna­tely in most cases there are no indus­try stand­ard opti­ons for disa­bling cookies wit­hout completely disa­bling the functi­ona­lity and featur­es they add to this site. It is recomm­ended that you lea­ve on all cookies if you are not sure whet­her you need them or not in case they are used to provi­de a service that you use.

Disa­bling Cookies

You can prevent the sett­ing of cookies by adjust­ing the sett­ings on your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). Be aware that disa­bling cookies will affect the functi­ona­lity of this and many other websites that you visit. Disa­bling cookies will usually result in also disa­bling certain functi­ona­lity and featur­es of the this site. Therefore it is recomm­ended that you do not disa­ble cookies.

The Cookies We Set

  • Email newsletters rela­ted cookies
  • This site offers newsletter or email subscripti­on services and cookies may be used to rem­em­ber if you are alrea­dy reg­ist­ered and whet­her to show certain notificati­ons which mig­ht only be valid to subscribed/unsubscribed users.

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases we also use cookies provi­ded by tru­sted third parties. The follow­ing secti­on details which third party cookies you mig­ht encoun­ter through this site.

  • This site uses Google Ana­lytics which is one of the most widespread and tru­sted ana­lytics soluti­on on the web for help­ing us to und­er­stand how you use the site and ways that we can improve your experience. These cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can cont­inue to produce eng­ag­ing content.
  • For more informati­on on Google Ana­lytics cookies, see the official Google Ana­lytics page.
  • We also use social media butt­ons and/or plug­ins on this site that allow you to conn­ect with your social network in vari­ous ways. For these to work the follow­ing social media sites including; {List the social networks whose featur­es you have integra­ted with your site?:12}, will set cookies through our site which may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contri­bu­te to the data they hold for vari­ous purposes outlined in their respecti­ve pri­vacy policies.

Cookies on our website

We use the follow­ing cookies on this website, for the follow­ing purposes:

Cookie name: _ga

PurposeStatistics of website views: Count­ing visit num­ber from indi­vidual compu­ter

Cookie name: _gid

Purpose:  Identificati­on of user ret­urns wit­hin 24 hours of first view

Cookie name_gat_gtag_[ID of website]

PurposeIdentificati­on code of website for track­ing visits

Cookie namepll_language

PurposeSaves the last selected langua­ge of the website


More Informati­on

Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previ­ously menti­o­ned if there is somet­hing that you aren’t sure whet­her you need or not it’s usually safer to lea­ve cookies ena­bled in case it does interact with one of the featur­es you use on our site. However if you are still look­ing for more informati­on than you can contact us through one of our prefer­red contact met­hods:

  • Email: email@email.com